Blueworks – We’re on the move!

blueworks busblueworkslogoBlueworks Taxis Ltd  founded in year 2000 operate taxis and buses from our Backbarrow base.

We have available vehicles from 4 seats to 49. We presently operate three Bus Routes in South Lakeland.

NEW Timetable from 11th April (30th April includes Ambleside) for X12 and 11
X70 NEW route – Ulverston

The 11 and X12 service is a continuous service from Coniston via Ulverston to Barrow and Barrow via Ulverston to Coniston.   To support these routes, follow this link to the Friends of the X112 page

The 11 part of the journey has an Express 40 minute service   X112

taxis7.40 am from Ulverston to Barrow

8.16 am from Barrow to Ulverston

The Express returns later in the day

17.37 Ulverston to Barrow

18.11 Barrow to Ulverston

Special daily and weekly rates are available on the above services , purchased direct from the driver.

eg  Ulverston –Barrow    6days per week

Daily                 £6.40     travel the total route all day

Weekly  6days  £15.00   travel the total route all week

Similar offers are available throughout the total route.

Special prices for linking  all three routes , Family Savers/ Group Savers