Latest timetables X70 Ulverston

X70 June 1st 2020 21st Dec 2020 (1)

X70 june 1st amended 21st Dec (1) 

11 & X12 Ulverston-Barrow & Coniston-Ulverston (21 June 2021) draft 6

X7 Ulverston-Kirkby-in-Furness-Barrow (21 June 2021) draft 2 X7

School Transport Arrangements September 2020

School Transport Arrangements from September 2020 FINALv2.1

Bus Service X112. PC1132110/2 part:

Please note service 11 part of the X112 will be postponed as from Monday 2nd November until further notice.

The above is due to COVID-19 being at Tier2 in Barrow.

This service is between Barrow and Ulverston (Ulverston not being in restriction and no key workers as passengers).

We will monitor local advice on the Pandemic.


Phil Halliwell  (blueworks)


Our current timetables for you to download

Timetables as of 1st July 2020 due to Covid

You will note I have further postponed the X112 (11 X12 X7) until 6th July 2020.

The X70 and X70F flexible commence 1st June 2020 to coincide with the ALDI opening on the 28th May 2020.

X70 and X70F route map
X70 and X70F route map
X70 Fixed and Flexible Route Timetables
X70 Fixed and Flexible Route Timetables
X112 Timetable
X112 Timetable


Rural transport, bus and taxi service for South Lakeland and Furness Peninsula

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